Tech Support + Community Lead

About US

We are an early stage start-up with a small suite of products. We operate in the consumer and B2B market with data being our business but we also make apps that make a real impact for our users across Australia

We are not your typical start-up as we are ASX listed. We have seen some success with the first generation of our products and services and we just put out the next iteration, but our roadmap into the future includes some things a little bit cooler than just an app for your phone

About YOU

We are looking for the following person:

  • You are a little bit of a Unicorn; you are pretty switched on when it comes to software and apps but also know how to talk to people about them. Technical support to you isn’’t ‘ugh, why?’ but ‘ok how can I help?’. Oh, and you are really good at it too
  • You like memes. You probably were on TikTok before any of your friends. You might not like every social media platform but you are more than familiar with how to make them dance
  • You have a tendency to dabble in new technologies and keep up with what is going on. You might not be developing software but you know the difference between an local app and an app that uses cloud data. You know there are a lot of overused tech buzzwords, but yeah you know how things work or you ask questions when you don’t because you want to
  • You like technology, you think it’s cool and like to get people excited about it especially when it can be used in the everyday. You love being able to help someone with something they may not have known about it before and more than happy to help them get started
  • When something catches on fire you are the one who doesn’t panic. You have a operations/procedural mindset that you know how to bend to meet the situation (and then hide the matches from who set the thing on fire after)
  • You look for root cause by default. You are happy to help but after you will turn right around and go proactive. You share information in the best way for others to consume it whether it be writing stuff down or talking to users/the community to reduce the chance of avoidable problems happening again. You are Bill Murray at the end of Groundhog Day not the beginning.
  • You know what it like to work with others, you know when to ask for help, and you love to help others when they need it too. You don’t mind working from home because you have a pretty good setup for that but also you also want to come into an office to work side-by-side with others when it’s important to get stuff done
  • You are interested in doing things the best way and not the way they have always been done. You move fast and break things but to figure out how to make them better and because you are much too talented to break something that causes real harm. If you come across a better way to do something, you don’t keep it to yourself
  • You know what an early stage start-up is and what that means

About the JOB

If that sounds like you these are the skills you are going to need:

  • Background in Software Support/Technical Support. This is the first dedicated customer support role in the company, it’s the ‘not sure but ill figure it out’ stage right now but will be defined with this role which is the first but will not be the only
  • Background in Operations for Production systems. We are about to add some big features and that could mean managing priorities and activities for business clients in addition to technical support as we introduce these new capabilities so good customer service etiquette is a must
  • Experience or talent with Social Media/Community Management and/or Omni-Channel Support. Engaging with our users where they are talking to us across social media if they are not coming directly to us. Creating positive community to reduce support tickets and grow the user base in the sort of products we make
  • Experience working in an ITIL or similar support environment using Incidents, Service Requests and Change Requests (we currently use Atlassian with Jira Service Management + Confluence, supported with tools like Slack)
  • Experience working in a Support team. Specifically in defining procedures and processes that scale as the work and size of the team does
  • Experience with mobile apps (and web apps) for iOS and Android

Bonus Points for:

  • Familiarity with working with cloud services (Google, AWS, Azure) and Data Warehouses
  • Familiar with Firebase (specifically Firestore)
  • Experience in regulated environments such as ones using Payment Gateways

This role is being recruited for the Greater Brisbane area but may consider candidates from within AEST. It is also being recruited as initially a Part Time position initially but will scale up with the organisation to Full Time.